• Avid Nexis Storage with 10TB capacity (average per suite), running the latest software.
  • Streamlined workflows and hands-on technical support to securely ingest and accommodate your project requirements - whatever the size.
  • Full resolution (HD) and advanced robust workflows to handle high resolution camera formats, including RED, ARRI, Sony and backup cameras such as the Sony A7S.


  • 10 x Avid & Premiere Offline suites running on HP Z4 workstations (wet/dry hire) to suit your project requirements.
  • Full HD monitoring, assistant backup and runner support.
  • Spacious, air conditioned suites with natural light and views across Covent Garden.
  • 24/7 availability (with prior notice) and breakout areas across multiple floors, including kitchen access.


  • Multiple GPU accelerated, custom made workstations for powerful and high-speed performance.
  • 3 x Finishing suites complete with DaVinci Resolve, Fusion, Avid Symphony and Premiere to obtain the best possible results.
  • 4K ultra fast SSD storage, removing any bottleneck to your finishing pipeline.
  • UHD, 4K DCI and HDR infrastructure ensures we can deliver to any standard, retaining the highest image quality throughout.


  • 2 x Audio studios (mixing in 5.1 and Stereo) with the latest version of Avid Pro Tools and extensive sound effects libraries.
  • 4K monitoring integrated directly with the picture finishing department for a smooth progression of projects throughout final post.
  • Live Skype and Pro Tools intergration, which allows direct communcation between the client and studio.
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5. VO & ADR

  • 2 x custom built floating floor VO booths, connected to each suite.
  • Complete set-up for ADR and Voiceover sessions.
  • Source Connect with ability to record talent around the world.
  • Large and spacious booth with ability to record multiple artists simultaneously.
  • Mobile recording kits can be supplied for remote VO, where Source Connect is not available. This enables artists to record either to picture or wild and producers can also log in to the sessions via Zoom (with a direct audio output from Pro Tools).


  • From simple object removals/cleanups and elegantly designed captions to complex title sequences, our finishing team can deliver graphics and visual effects to a high standard.
  • Services can be designed to preference, as part of the finishing process or as dedicated graphics sessions.




  • Whether it's a 10-part series or 30 second commercial for broadcast, we complete full QC's in-house to ensure your assets are delivered correctly.
  • Telestream Vidcheck provides the backbone of our Automatic Quality Control (AQC), paired with our bespoke DPP metadata management tool.
  • AS-11 creation and Eyeball QC's are performed accurately and efficiently in preparation for a silky smooth delivery.
  • Our dedicated 1GB fibre connection guarantees the fastest delivery of your project via Aspera, Signiant Media Shuttle or any other delivery platform.


  • We offer fully remote Avid workstations with virtually zero latency, including access to our Nexis storage. Edits also work collaboratively with each other, just like they would at our facility.
  • We can also provide Avid Editorial Management, which is a browser-based system that allows you to view and edit your rushes remotely as collaborate with the Offline.