Obviously now we focus delivery on AS-11 files to all the major UK broadcasters.  We have our own bespoke workflow and software to manage the metadata throughout the post process of your project though our facility.  Our Automated Quality Control (AQC) is taken care of by Vidchecker and can be accessed throughout the facility by our finishing suites.

The central hub machine room is on hand for all of your project’s technical requirements from approval encodes through to HDCamSR playbacks or Dolby-E encoding. Our facility is fully routable and our project metadata is backed up every night to different locations for extra security. We have a dedicated 1 gigabit backbone connection to the internet which make uploads of rough cuts fast whether hosted on our own approvals site or third party delivery like Vimeo or WeTransfer.

We have in house Harding test and all the VT decks you would expect for delivery to all of the major broadcasters around the world.

  • AS-11 Delivery, AQC and upload
  • HDCamSR, HDCam, DVCProHD, XDCam and of course Digibeta
  • RED, Arri, DNG or any other tapeless format
  • In house Harding machine routable to any finishing suite
  • Fast encoding of approval files like MP4 or Quicktime
  • Bespoke encoding of files to match your exact requirements

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