Caravanner of the Year

Six top caravanning enthusiasts are out to prove they have the skills to be named the Caravan Club’s first Caravanner of the Year. The quirky passions of these motorhomers, caravanners and camper vanners are laid bare over two weekends of competition. Droopy awnings are out and only spirit-level precision works for judge Grenville Chamberlain – chairman of the Caravan Club – while a motorhome maverick, journalist Andy Harris, champions a spirit of adventure and more than a little mischief starting with an awning assembly speed trial; otherwise known as divorce-in-a-bag. Some flourish with humorous and heartfelt results, while others flounder. The Caravan Club judges and two guest judges, Vintage Caravanner Specialist Lucy Jayne Grout and Martin Dorey author of The Camper Van Cookbook, watch as the contestants battle it out to win the Caravan Club’s inaugural competition.

October Films documentary, entertainment, ob-doc