Audio Mixing

Our mixing studios are bespoke, professionally built rooms. Each features full HD projection, 5.1 monitoring and are focused around Avid Protools mixing desks fully networked into our facility.

Our studios boast spacious, fully floated voice over booths with dedicated air conditioning to keep your artists comfortable during long recording sessions. We have many years of experience dealing with artists from Hollywood actors through to first time novices; everyone gets the same first class treatment from our team.

We are well versed at providing the full set of deliverables for major broadcasters all around the world and as such all of our sessions are set up with this in mind. These include:

  • Dolby-E encoding for all broadcasters specifications
  • Wave file stems of all subsets of your final mix
  • LKFS, LUFS and LU Loudness metering
  • Up to 12 track laybacks to HDCamSR

Our audio finishing department is staffed by Tim Wheeler and Dave Ingram

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